Prenatal yoga

The physical and emotional body go through many changes during pregnancy and the practice of yoga can support these changes. Movement, strength, breath and meditation will all support your pregnancy, delivery and the health of your baby. I have guided many students safely through their pregnancies and continue to work with them post-pregnancy on rebuilding their core, pelvic floor and finding stillness during a very busy time in their life.

Pre & postnatal yoga opportunities

Private prenatal sessions can be scheduled at Invivo. (Yoga Therapy rate). These sessions can be catered to your specific needs throughout each trimester, preparing you for a strong delivery and a healthy recovery.

All of my group classes at Invivo and Haleybird can be made safe for the prenatal audience (with doctor & my approval!). Please introduce yourself if you join any of these classes and let me know how far along you are in your pregnancy and whether you have been having any physical discomfort. If you would prefer a prenatal specific class, please contact me and I can guide you in the right direction based on your location and requested time.

Private post-natal sessions can be scheduled to help rebuild strength & confidence. Any of my weekly classes are safe for the post-natal audience (with doctor approval). If you wish to share the practice of yoga with your little one, I also offer Mom & Baby private sessions (Yoga Therapy rate) as well as group workshops from time to time.

Yoga and Fertility

Private Yoga Therapy with an emphasis on fertility is available at Invivo Wellness (Yoga Therapy rate). Sessions include: yoga postures to gently stretch and relax your muscles and connective tissues, and increase blood flow to your pelvis and reproductive organs. Relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques will also be included to help create a state of inner awareness and a deeper sense of peace, to reduce stress, worry, and depression, and to help you regain a better sense of balance and wellness in your life.

If you are more interested in a community approach, The Yoga For Fertility Program at Practice Longevity aids your fertility with similar techniques as noted above. Click Here for more info about our six week series led by my colleague Jamie Mullen.